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Below a selection of our proposals:

Multi days bike tour

 Strade_Chianti_2Firenze - Siena bike tour (3days)
Level of difficulty: medium-high


 Single day bike tour


Bike tour (Greve in Chianti - Panzano in Chianti)

Level of difficulty: medium-high

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Bike tour (Greve in Chianti)
Level of difficulty: medium-low


Bike tour (Gaiole in Chianti)
Level of difficulty: medium


Bike tour (Radda in Chianti)
Level of difficulty:

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Bike tour (Castellina in Chianti)
Level of difficulty:

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Bike tour along "Via Francigena" (Monteriggioni)

Level of difficulty: medium-low

Single day walking tour

 Montefioralle_10Walking tour (Greve in Chianti)
Level of difficulty: medium-low


Mountain biking in Chianti
Scenic itineraries around Greve in Chianti
by Marco Antonio Pacenti

Chianti is mostly hilly, with altitudes not exceeding 500-600 metres, with the exception of Monte S. Michele which is 892m. For various reasons the Chianti region has remained intact for centuries and is known throughout the world for the red wine “Chianti Classico”..
It is a mistake, however, to limit interest in Chianti only to wine. Chianti has extraordinary natural beauty, its air and streams are unpolluted. Oak and chestnut woods, cypress and pine trees are interspersed with carefully tended vineyards and olive groves which produce some of the world’s finest wines and extra-virgin olive oil. The Romanesque country churches, tabernacles, stone houses, renaissance villas and antique villages are testimony to an extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage. Immersed in this enchanting landscape one feels an incredible sense of well-being.
We propose several excursions around Greve in Chianti, for mountain bike. Please note: The times we have given is for riding without stopping to explore the numerous places of interest en route.
The excursions start and finish at Greve, the little town which is the “capital” of Chianti. Its charming, irregular central square, Piazza Mercatale, is enclosed by loggias where once produce was gathered ready for sale and now is lined with speciality shops. There are frequent fairs and exhibitions in the square, including an annual autumn wine festival. A statue of Verrazzano stands in the square. Born in Greve, the famous navigator was the first European to sight what was to become New York.


Route 1: Greve in Chianti – Montefioralle – Badia a Passignano – Panzano in Chianti – Lamole – Greve in Chianti.

Route 2: Greve in Chianti– Panzano in Chianti– Volpaia - Badia a Montemuro – S.Michele – Greve in Chianti.

Route 3: Greve in Chianti - Montefioralle - Monte Calvario - Quattro Strade - Mercatale - Ferrone - Poneta - Poggio ai Mandorli - Chiocchio - Nozzole - Passo dei Pecorai -Greve in Chianti.

The race of "L'Eroica"

Dirt roads, vintage bicycles and a tradition of competition

 eroica_1_small eroica_2_small

This unique yearly race has already achieved cult status, further emphasizing the Chianti’s role as cycling haven. Launched and promoted by the above-mentioned Associazione Parco Ciclistico del Chianti, the Eroica maters less for its outcome than for the love of the sport at heart of this spectacle. On this day cycling takes a leap into the past, when dust, mud, sweat and courage split Italy into two faction, each cheering on the rival champions Coppi and Bartali.

Spectators are able to relive the excitement of raw athletic competition and admire vintage bicycles and cycling jerseys whit competitors pedal with space tubes slung around their necks as in days of yore.
The Chianti’s dirt roads are the real protagonists of the race, simultaneously symbolising a more humane means of travelling and an ecologically intact environment. The competitors sweat and suffer while wearing the satisfied smile of participating in a pure athletic challenge.
The race covers over one hundred kilometres of primarily unpaved road (although a shorter circuit is also offered) departing from and returning to Gaiole in Chianti. No mountain bikes or “modern” bicycles are allowed: the objective is to be able to admire vintage bicycles and jerseys. The racers are trailed by an entourage of vintage automobiles and motorcycles. The Eroica race is usually held during the final week-end in September, just as the grape harvest is under way. Either as a participant or a spectator, the Eroica race is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to relive the long-lost innocence of cycling.
The "long" course is 205 km and is marked with permanent signs, installed from Siena Provincial Council and Siena Tourism Agency.
There are arrows indicating the right directions at all crossings and signs indicating the distance to the nearest towns every 5 km.
The signs cover both the "long" and "medium" (135 km) courses, while the "short" and "cyclotouristic" courses are not covered.

In all maps, the paved roads are light blue and gravel roads are red; green marks the linking sections to "close" the medium and cyclotouristic courses.

View the altimetry of long/medium courses

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